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How to get rid of the smell of weed, the five easiest tricks

Imagine you are at home with friends smoking a nice joint and you have no idea how to get rid of its smell. This is a recurring situation, and whether you are with your friends or not, the smell is there after you smoke. For this reason it’s important to be ready and have good solutions at hand. Of course this is a problem only if you live with parents who don’t exactly share the same lifestyle. Anyway, even if you take a break when no one is at home you need to know how to get rid of the smell of weed.

There are simple solutions that you can choose and most of the times they are small tricks that remove the smell from the room. Of course, needless to say, the first thing is opening the windows to let some air in. However this solution solves the problem only partially.

Let’s see how to deal with the issue.

  1. Spiritual solution…
    Have some incense at hand, those that make your lungs numb and give a nice olfactory pleasure. Incense has a strong scent able to cover many types of smell, even the toughest ones. Your mum will be pleasantly impressed and will definitely ask you the reason for the incense. At that point talk about meditation and that will do.
  2. Cinema solution…
    Maybe you smoke a joint while watching a movie and having some popcorns. Popcorns have a particular smell when cooked, strong enough to cover the smell of weed. Maybe try to burn a small portion so that the smell will cover even more. Of course have a beer with them!
  3. Caffeine solution…
    The smell of coffee is simply heavenly: it charms and drags you, and above all is able to remove the smell of weed in a very pleasant way. In this case use the moka, the classic espresso coffee machine and make some good coffee. The smell will mix with the one of weed. Besides this, buy some ground coffee or coffee beans and toast them in a pan. The smell will completely cover the one of weed.
  4. Vinegar solution…
    We know that vinegar is an effective smell-catcher, in fact it is placed in the fridge being off to remove bad smell. To remove the smell of weed, putting it in a glass and waiting for the smell to go away is not enough, therefore put it in a pan and warm it up. The steam will create a strong sour smell that in few seconds will remove any other smell or scent. The problem will be justifying it at home.
  5. Perfumed solution…
    Definitely this is the least demanding solution: using an air freshener or spraying perfume at home in large quantities. It is a good solution but it has its downsides because you need to spray a lot and it is not sure that it will remove the smell of weed completely. Even more, we are talking about chemicals so be careful not to abuse.

So, these are some of the solutions to remove the smell of weed from your house, but among all of them we would suggest to go for the incense one. Yes, it’s a little “zen” but it does the trick.

Let us know which methods you use apart from these ones.

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