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How to behave inside a cannabis club after the Coronavirus

Cannabis clubs are reopening after the Coronavirus. Much of Spain has entered phase two of the easing of restrictive measures planned to contain Covid and clubs can reopen.

The reopenings include a series of safety measures to be implemented to avoid a new spread of Covid. Even cannabis clubs after the coronavirus have new rules to respect, if you want to enter you will have to be made aware of them and, above all, you will have to respect them. Each club applies the measures required by law and applies them in a way that adapts them to their spaces and their member base. There may be slight differences between one club and another, mainly due to the type of venue and the spaces they have available.

In general, however, you have to realize that social distancing rules prevent clubs from working to their full potential. Having to maintain distance between members requires clubs to reduce seating and limit admissions. Some clubs have temporarily suspended new memberships pending an easing of the restrictions established by law.

If you plan on joining your favorite cannabis club again, or are thinking about joining a club for the summer, you need to know a few things.

Behaviors to follow to enter a club

Post-Coronavirus cannabis clubs require responsible and attentive behavior from members. There are a series of behaviors that you must adopt in order to make your stay, and that of other members, as safe and pleasant as possible. Let’s see together what the fundamental points are.

  • Always call before signing in.
  • Don’t show up without making an appointment, otherwise you won’t be able to enter. If you have made an appointment, respect the time and try to be as punctual as possible.
  • If you have been given a time limit for your stay, be careful and exit when your time is up. This way you will not cause inconvenience to other members waiting to enter
  • Always maintain the required safety distance
  • Wash your hands often or use disinfectant gel
  • Bring everything you need for smoking with you. The club, to limit the spread of the virus, will not give you the tools but only the grass

Entering a club and respecting all the rules is a sign of good manners and respect for others. Those who, like you, are waiting to enter and have an appointment do not have to wait because you do not respect the access rules!

Not just rules for members. The club also does its part

Entering a cannabis club after the Coronavirus means entering a clean and sanitized environment several times a day. Each club is required to maintain a very high standard of cleanliness which also includes the sanitization of seats and tables between one member and another. Respect by members for timetables and limited access will allow clubs to work better and sanitize areas better with better safety for everyone.

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