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How to access Barcelona coffee shops after the virus

Do you want to access Barcelona’s coffee shops after the virus? The situation is slowly returning to normal and it will soon be possible to resume traveling abroad. Barcelona is now in phase two of the reopening and infections are decreasing rapidly. You may start thinking about your next vacation and, if you are a regular cannabis user, you may be wondering how to access a social club.

The coffee shops in Barcelona are reopening after the virus and are slowly trying, like all commercial establishments, to return to normality. The managers try to implement all the necessary safety measures, proving to be attentive and prompt. In a situation where legality is its strong point, respecting the imposed rules of hygiene and social distancing is essential. Each club has implemented access and stay rules within it which may vary slightly from one to another. In essence, however, these rules are based on a few clear principles that must be respected to avoid a new spread of the virus.

Let’s see, if you want to access a coffee shop, what are the steps to follow and how the rules have changed between before and after the spread of Covid-19.

Difficulty in initial access. Covid slows down new registrations

After the virus, Barcelona’s coffee shops are taking stock of a difficult period. On the one hand, the economic difficulty linked to the interruption of activities. On the other, the awareness of the difficulties suffered by cannabis consumers who were unable to supply themselves during the lock down.

At this stage coffee shops are caught between two opposing needs. Reopen quickly to recover what was lost in the months of closure or to better protect its members who suffered from the closure? In general we are seeing a slowdown in new memberships. The difficulties in accessing the clubs seem to have increased since, at least some of them, they have temporarily frozen the new membership cards. The difficulties associated with managing spaces for social distancing in this phase 2 make it difficult to think about expanding your member base.

It seems plausible, however, that this situation will be resolved shortly, with the consolidation of the new routines. The Clubs are currently reorganizing to reopen safely for their members. As soon as the situation is normalized and all the new rules are acquired, they will start making new tiles again. The only way to know if the club you want to join accepts new members for now is to contact them directly and ask. You might even have a pleasant surprise!

The rules of social distancing and limited access

If you are already a member of a coffee shop in Barcelona after Covid you will only have to follow the new access rules. Don’t show up without making an appointment first. You will be given a time that you must respect and you will have a maximum time to stay inside. You will be asked to maintain a safe distance, use a mask and wash your hands frequently. Nothing impossible. It’s worth respecting a few rules to return to your favorite coffee shop!

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