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How long does CBD oil effect last?

CBD, as products based on the substance cannabidiol, is becoming increasingly widespread due to its multiple beneficial effects. The human body is naturally predisposed to taking CBD, especially due to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system that receive the substance.

A substance that is naturally useful and not harmful to our body and, above all, can be legally consumed without the need for a medical prescription. Cannabidiol is an extract from hemp leaves and is available on the market in various forms that can be taken as food or inhaled. The main forms on the market are:

  • Edible capsules
  • Vaporizable crystals
  • Edible oil

CBD and its intake methods

To find out how long the effect of CBD oil lasts? We must first evaluate a number of things. First you need to know how many mg of CBD are contained in a drop of oil and to know this you need to know the percentage. Not all oil packages contain the same percentage of CBD, it can vary from 5 to 20%, you need to read carefully on the bottle. The higher the percentage of CBD contained in the oil, the greater its content will be within each drop; therefore, the number of drops to be taken will be proportional to the percentage value of CBD contained in the oil.

On average, up to 2.5 mg are present in a 5% solution, depending on the other compounds in the mixture. So to answer the question, how long does CBD oil last? You also need to consider how much CBD you take at a time. At the moment there are no known serious contraindications on the daily quantity. According to some clinical studies, it is possible to take up to 1500 mg per day, but this is in the case of treatment of serious pathologies. On average, it is recommended to use a micro-dosage between 0.5 and 20 mg, especially at the beginning; to then settle on a standard dosage between 20 and 100 mg per day. These two doses are sufficient to have an excellent quality of life, eliminating stress and promoting more general relaxation of the organism.

Duration of CBD effects

As already mentioned, the duration of the effects depends on the quantity of CBD ingested. There is no real single dosage valid for everyone, each person must find their own experientially through trial and error. Intake depends on many factors such as your body weight, your metabolism and more generally your physical state of health.

Having ascertained this and found your ideal dosage on average to know how long the effect of CBD oil lasts? You need to calculate between 4 and 6 hours. The oil is taken through sublingual drops which take effect approximately 15 minutes after ingestion; therefore, oil is confirmed as one of the most effective means; in fact, the relationship between the speed of the effect and its duration is excellent. It is no coincidence that it is one of the best-selling products among CBD consumers, enjoying great success and becoming very popular.

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