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Homemade hashis, simple solutions

I wonder how many people thought of it but don’t know how to, so below let’s see how to make homemade hashish. It is worth mentioning that hashish is obtained by a cannabis extract produced by the separation of the plant’s trichomes. To make it easier, trichomes are particles with crystalline appearance that are secreted by the plant of marijuana; by the flowers in particular. By doing so, we can obtain particles “loaded” with cannabinoids and qualitatively superior.

Hashish will be obtained by separating the trichomes from every section of the plant, leaves, branches and flowers, that will have to be warmed up to be compressed in small loaves of cannabis concentrate. This will help us understand better how to use the various methods to obtain homemade hashish easily and without the need of specific tools.

Rubbing with bare hands

It is definitely the easiest and most rudimentary method to produce homemade hashish, a system still very spread in India and Nepal. It is also worth mentioning that this solution, though simple, takes time and has a not so great performance. Let’s see how to proceed.

What you will need:

  • Tops of un-dried cannabis; do not use the discarded dried tops.
  • Clean hands.

The steps:

  1. Wash your hands well with enough water so as to remove any remaining soap and other chemical substances.
  2. Take the cannabis tops and remove leaves and stems.
  3. Put the tops in your hands and roll them gently following circular movements. Avoid putting too much pressure so as not to retain the plant residue.
  4. While rubbing, you will start seeing a layer of dark resin on your palms. This is called charas, a type of hashish obtained with fresh inflorescences. Remove this resin from your hands and put it on a clean surface, then knead it to obtain little balls of hashish and then loaves.

Dry sieving

With this method you can obtain homemade hashish with common tools. You will need to sieve the residue of cannabis with a net web to obtain a superior kief. For a better result we suggest to freeze the plant in an hermetic bag for at least a night. By doing this the trichomes will separate more easily from the plant.

What you will need:

  • Residues of cannabis
  • A frame for screen printing with very fine texture
  • Baking paper
  • A credit card

The steps:

  1. Place a sheet of baking paper larger than the frame on the table and put the frame on top.
  2. Put the cannabis residues on the frame, possibly in the central part, chopping potential large pieces.
  3. Spread the residues gently over the frame, so that the trichomes get separated from the plant. By removing the residues, these will pass through the frame and the powder will create a layer of kief.
  4. Perform this step by moving the residues on the surfaces of the frame until the kief represents the 10-20% of the residues. Usually for 100g of residues you can obtain 10g of pure kief.
  5. Once you finish sieving the residues, you will have to proceed with the credit card to collect the kief in the middle of the baking paper creating a pile of powder. Press it to make it compact so as to obtain a unique piece of hashish.

These methods are simple and effective and allow you to obtain homemade hashish without too much struggle and with common tools.

Try and let us know ????

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