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Dispensaries vs. Cannabis social clubs

Knowing the difference between cannabis clubs and dispensaries is essential. Cannabis clubs are mostly focused on social consumption, while cannabis dispensaries are primarily focused on distributing medicinal marijuana. Dispensaries came into existence decades ago, and they were specifically created to sell cannabis. Cannabis clubs deal with on-site cannabis consumption of cannabis at specific venues, and they are usually found in Spain, more specifically Barcelona. Significantly, the main difference between cannabis social clubs and cannabis dispensary is that social clubs don’t distribute cannabis. Other differences exist between cannabis clubs in Barcelona and dispensary in the US which are listed below.

Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona usually private entities

Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are private and don’t sell cannabis to members. Cannabis clubs in Barcelona can accept new members through referrals from existing members. In the US, dispensaries are public and can sell marijuana to adults of 18 years and above.

Members of the cannabis social club in Barcelona are much secured because their personal information is not shared with the government or other organizations. On the other hand dispensaries in the US can share your personal information with the state or the government for several reasons.

Cannabis social clubs don’t sell marijuana

Becoming a member of a social cannabis club means that you become part of a group that cultivates and distributes marijuana to members of the group. Thus, cultivated cannabis is intended only for the members of the group. However before cannabis is distributed, members have to pay for the cost of growing marijuana, the building cost, and other expenses. These costs are shared between the members of the club.

In dispensaries, you have to pay for the quantity of weed before it’s given to you. Dispensaries usually have budtenders who tell you more about a particular strain. In some states in the US, you are required to show a medical marijuana card before buying from a dispensary. This means each time you need to smoke weed; you must pay for it at a dispensary.

You must be a resident in Spain to become a member of a Barcelona Cannabis Club

Before gaining membership at a Barcelona cannabis club, you must show some valuable documentations including government-issued passport, driver’s license, etc. Members must also have a regular residential address in Spain. Cannabis clubs don’t accept members living in hotels or hostels.

Dispensaries in the US offer door to door marijuana delivery across the state. People can buy their weed online and have it delivered to them in the mailboxes. However, cannabis clubs don’t do mail weed delivery or door to door delivery services. Members must acquire their cannabis in the social club.

Cannabis is still technically illegal in Barcelona

Although cannabis clubs distribute weed to its members, it doesn’t mean that members can smoke it in public areas. According to Spanish law, officials show respect for private spaces. Thus making it suitable to smoke cannabis in your private residence or a private Barcelona cannabis club. However, those caught smoking cannabis in public areas will receive a fine, and their marijuana will also be seized. In some situations, you could even face a jail term.

Most states in the US have legalized medicinal cannabis. So people who buy from dispensaries can freely smoke their marijuana without problems. However, some states have created guidelines for cannabis smoking which prevents users from smoking at certain spots.

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