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Coronavirus in Barcelona what you need to know

The coronavirus in Barcelona, ​​as in the rest of Spain, has hit hard but, thanks to a severe and careful lock down, the city is slowly returning to normality. In fact, starting from 8 June, Barcelona will enter phase two of recovery, as established by the Spanish government.

This is a phase that involves the end of quarantine and the reopening of many clubs and shopping centers. Always ensuring safety distances and wearing a mask.

From today you can go out without time limits and without a valid reason and restaurants will reopen at 40% of their maximum capacity. Some limitations remain valid for vulnerable categories, such as the elderly. It is also necessary to maintain safe distances, use masks and clean your hands often. Among the limitations that will fall from 8 June is that of the capacity of buses, metro and trains.

Before that date, public transport could circulate with a maximum load of 50% of its capacity, now it can return to circulation with a full load. This way, moving around Barcelona becomes much easier! Furthermore, starting from 8 June, the subway has restored 100% of its services. The Coronavirus in Barcelona is giving way to a situation that is very close to that of normality, although it is still essential to be very careful.

Coronavirus. The point of the situation

The coronavirus in Barcelona is in remission. The strict lock down seems to have had a good effect and the situation is slowly improving.

There have been in total to date more than 18,500 test-confirmed positive cases and more than 4,200 deaths. The numbers are high, but it must be said that in the first week of June the increase in cases decreased by 96%. This decrease is calculated compared to the new cases recorded in the central week of the epidemic, between 23 and 29 March. The growth curve of infections in the city has significantly decreased and everyone is preparing to reopen.

Spain, in Europe, was one of the nations most affected by Covid but at the moment it seems to be a situation in clear recovery and with excellent hopes for the future.

Clearly the guard is not being lowered and all the safety measures put in place by the government must be respected to avoid a second wave. At the moment, however, the signs of recovery are good and Barcelona is moving towards a solution to the problem.

Reopening of clubs and cannabis clubs. A summer of recovery for the city

The coronavirus in Barcelona had led to the closure of all commercial establishments, including cannabis clubs. With the start of phase two, venues and clubs are reopening and the city is starting to come back to life.

Clearly the hygiene and social distancing rules remain strict but, if you get used to them, they are not too difficult to respect. The venues have limited entrances and cannot accommodate more than 40% of their maximum capacity. Staff members, as well as customers, must wear masks and gloves and maintain a safe interpersonal distance of two meters. These are rules aimed at ensuring safety, which are well applied by all clubs and restaurants.

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