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CBD oil for sale online

It is well known that the main product in which CBD is marketed is in the form of oil. Technically, CBD is cannabidiol, which is the phytocannabinoid present in hemp sativa plants. Italian law 242 of 2 December 2016 has set the limits within which traces of THC can be present for CBD-based products. That is, chemical substances with a psychotropic effect, also naturally contained in hemp.

This limit is set at a percentage between 0.2 and 0.6%. Cannabidiol is naturally present within hemp flowers. In order for CBD oil to be sold online, the CBD must be extracted from the flowers through different, more or less invasive, ways.

How CBD is extracted from hemp

In order to sell CBD oil online, you need to proceed with four different extraction methods:

  • Without solvents. It is the cheapest method to extract CBD by hand, therefore without altering it with chemicals. You need to apply some pressure combined with heat and rubbing the flowers and leaves;
  • With solvents. A chemical substance is added that allows the CBD to be separated from the other components through evaporation. In this case you need a minimum of equipment;
  • With oil. This is a very popular home method and is the one in which olive oil is used after decarboxylating the flowers. The mixture must be heated and then left to cool to eliminate any plant residues from the plant;
  • With CO2. It is the safest and most widely used industrial method through which CO2 is brought to the supercritical state. That is to say in which the matter is both liquid and gaseous. From here the CBD is extracted through the plant material without compromising it.

After extraction, the product must be refined to obtain the highest possible quality and arrive at CBD oil for sale online. In the crystals the refining process is so high that the CBD reaches a purity of 99%, the highest ever.

What CBD does

Since CBD oil is one of the main cannabis-derived products on the market, it is the most widely used. It is therefore the product that immediately catches your eye when searching for CBD oil for sale online. The CBD extract, in fact, is diluted in a carrier oil to create a product with multiple characteristics. It is possible to find oil sold in three main groupings. The first is the one that contains, without distinction, all the components of hemp and not just those based on CBD and THC within the limits of the law.

In fact, the other properties of the plant, such as vitamins, fibre, proteins, are also present in this oil defined as full spectrum. The second type of oil on the market is the one that contains all the properties of hemp, with the exception of THC. Finally, the third type contains only CBD isolated in a very intense ratio. The most popular way to take CBD oil is to ingest a few drops sublingually, holding them for a few seconds before swallowing them.

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