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Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its variety of cannabis clubs. New cannabis clubs are opened all the time, so people find difficulties in choosing the right cannabis club to join. Most cannabis clubs are identical in terms of review, thus making it hard to find the right one. In this article, we have come up with the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona so that you can know which one is right for you.

Choko Cannabis Social Club

Found in central Barcelona, Choko is famous for its plush décor, high vibe, and spirited music. This cannabis social club is unique due to its award-winning strains and their delicious meals. Furthermore, this social cannabis club has dedicated and friendly staff who are out to serve the customer. Choko Cannabis Social Club is the right place to chill with friends, smoke, eat and listen to good music.

HQ BCN Cannabis Social Club

HQ BCN also was known as headquarters is among the first cannabis clubs in Barcelona. The club was founded seventeen years ago by David Madilyan. The primary objective of this club is to provide its members with the best hash. This club has won a lot of awards due to its high-quality rosins. HQ is different from other cannabis social clubs because it organizes events and frequent meetings to discuss with members.

The Plug BNC Cannabis Social Club

The Plug BCN is known for its award-winning capabilities and boasts over 50 awards. Its awards include Best Club and Best Extractions and other essential awards. The entire club is filled with pictures of Tupac and Migos on the walls which shows that the club is highly dedicated to hip hop. This club is trendy in Spain, and it’s always filled with a lively crowd.

Circulo Cannabis Social Club

Situated in El Born, an in vogue spot in Barcelona’s old town, Circulo is one of the city’s more current club.  However, the region has a long history of the cannabis scene. It was previously known as La Mesa. However, the past proprietors sold the place after facing lawsuit issues. Today, Circulo is amongst the top cannabis social clubs in Barcelona. The club has an attractive frosted glass window at the entrance. Within the club, you will find a blend of workspace tables and comfortable couches where individuals can make up for lost time and relax. The price for bud, hash, and concentrates are moderate. They also offer edibles to particular members.

El Club Verde Cannabis Social Club

El Club Verde is another ongoing expansion to the Barcelona cannabis market. This club has also received several awards from various cannabis events. In spite of being situated in the downtown area, they provide food for a special team of connoisseurs who acknowledge Club Verde’s honor winning buds and concentrates. The clubs cannabis spirit is further heightened by its cleaned paneled walls, extravagant leather setting, and a mass of bookshelves.

Zanzi Cannabis Social Club

Zanzi is another recently opened cannabis social club. It launched in 2017 is working to establish itself amongst the elite by offering high-quality cannabis to its customers. This cannabis social club has a blend of seating alternatives, loads of plants and it’s sparked by a neon blue lighting which makes it the perfect place for relaxation. Zanzi cannabis club provides its members with about 14 strains of CBD, hash and specially crafted moonrocks.

Chamaneria Cannabis Social Club

Chamaneria is one of the numerous clubs that consider themselves as a cannabis oasis, and they beat their competitors in doing it. This clubs is furnished with a generous seating area with large leather chairs for watching movies, and personal settings painted in red velvet color. Furthermore, the exterior of the club is filled with garden. The club plays excellent films every day in the afternoon for you to watch while being high. They also hire bands and DJs to perform at the end of the week. This club has a reputation for making the best dry filter hash around the local area. Chamaneria additionally sensitizes people about marijuana. They frequently organize conferences, welcoming different speakers including specialists to communicate with members.

Asoma BCN Cannabis Social Club

Asoma BCN is one of those small clubs or little cannabis safe houses, found inside streets in everywhere throughout the city. It launched a couple of years ago, but another group of people later purchased it in 2018. The new owners have renovated the place, but they’ve kept a significant part of the stylistic theme. The club doesn’t have an ample space but its suitable enough to put comfortable armchairs and couches. It also has a window that takes in sunlight.

Furthermore, the club has amenities such as a pool table, games, and books which are meant to entertain members. The club is currently working on more social activities to engage workers. Members are offered different types of indica and sativa strains as well as harsh for a start.

Stargrass BCN Cannabis Social Club

The Stargrass BCN is among the small cannabis social clubs found in the city. This cannabis club is situated in the city center close to La Sagrada Familia. The club has a dim and dope interior, and it offers a wide range of strains including Bubble Haze, Gorilla Glue 4, Grease Monkey and La Rica while hash assortments incorporate Super Lemon Haze and Blueberry. The owners of Stargrass BCN Cannabis Social Club are very creative, and they are always seeking for inspirational cannabis designs, innovative, and comic books. Members are also offered delicious edibles and receive tapas for free.

Dr. Dou Cannabis Social Club

Established four years ago, not many clubs exemplify great communication style like the way Dr. Dou cannabis social club does. Its blend of exposed stone walls illuminated in red light, roof wood shafts, leather couches, and high stools make an inspirational environment that makes this club to be filled with relaxation and brim at the same time. At the entrance, you will find two swings produced using solid tires, and the dispensary bar is created using reused green jugs. The friendly and accommodating staff offer multiple strains including Ghost Train Haze, Lily, AJ Sour Cookies, and NYC Diesel. Members are also provided pre-rolled joints, vaporizers, and fruit smoothies.

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