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Cannabis social clubs in Madrid, discover the reality in the Spanish capital!

Despite being ahead of many other European capitals, the information that people get about Madrid’s cannabis social clubs is wrong and misleading. Reality is quite different from the perception of visitors and the reason is poor and negative information. In this post we will sum up the most important points about this reality related to social clubs so as to break false myths and false information unrelated to reality.

The first four points:

  1. It is common to think that there are just a few and low quality clubs in Madrid however there are between 80 and 100 of them all over the capital.
  2. People often are unsure whether they need to be Spanish or not to join the clubs. It is not necessary to be Spanish as anyone can join and the only requirement is the referral from an already existent member.
  3. Many people ask themselves if cannabis social clubs in Madrid differ from the ones in Barcelona. No, as far as bureaucracy and administration are concerned there is no difference. Also in terms of management there are no major differences therefore the mechanism is the same.
  4. To many the cannabis social clubs in Madrid may sound as something new. This is not accurate though given that they have been in the capital for some years already. The difference is that they have not been spoken about widely or clearly.

Things are never like they tell us:

  1. The lie of faeces contained in the hashish being sold in Madrid’s cannabis social clubs. This is the sensational bullshit that came out in a study conducted in 2018 where they analysed hashish sold in the streets instead of the one sold in the clubs. However, as it happens frequently, the news have been communicated in the wrong way and interpreted even worse. Obviously hashish bought in the street cannot even be compared to the products sold in the clubs. It is normal to find faeces in stuff bought in the streets given that drugs are smuggled the way you can imagine, it’s old drugs story! This situation has been associated to clubs but it clearly has nothing to do with them!
  2. There is no product variety in Madrid. This is again bullshit spreading online. In reality the quality of the products sold in the cannabis social clubs in Madrid is excellent and has nothing to envy to the products available in other cities. In the clubs you can find different varieties of flowers produced by Spanish farmers with extreme care. You can also find extracts, essences, dyeing products and many more things… Nothing is missing!

Much easier than you imagine:

  1. The fear of running risks by joining a club. This is fake news circulating online and obviously there are no risks in joining a cannabis social club in Spain. This is because the possession and the personal use of cannabis is not a crime and will never be prosecuted. The maximum risk is being fined for a few hundreds euros if you get caught. Anyway, the story ends here and there are no imprisonments nor policemen with guns pointed at you, those things only happen in movies. If you want to learn more, read our guide here.
  2. Is it hard to join a cannabis club in Madrid? This is probably the most interesting point. No, it isn’t hard at all: the minimum age required might differ from club to club (18 to 21 years old) but the rules are always the same. Both in Madrid and Barcelona you need to be referred by an already existing member, need the minimum age and bring with you an ID to prove it in order to enter the cannabis social clubs.

To conclude

There are many clubs in the Spanish capital and many of them are state-of-art. The rules are the same everywhere in Spain without distinction. The fake news circulating is of course false and many times completely opposite to reality.

What’s true is that in Madrid there are amazing clubs where you can enter and spend your time with other members and share the pleasure of smoking without problems, guaranteed!

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