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Cannabis social club Sevilla

Spain is one of the European countries with the highest percentage of cannabis consumption. The concept of social smoking of weed is gradually spreading in the country. In fact, rates of legal weed use in Spain are only lower than those in the United States and Iceland, and are potentially growing.

According to statistics, at least 10% of the population in Spain frequently uses weed for recreational and medical purposes. Today, Spain has several cannabis clubs spread across its cities, where members can enjoy various products of the plant legally and safely. Among them, the many cannabis social clubs in Sevilla stand out.

What are cannabis social clubs

These are private non-profit associations within which, and only for their members, smoking cannabis is permitted within the terms established by law. In fact, it is good to remember that in Spain as elsewhere in almost the whole world, the use of cannabis is irregular. In some cases, personal use and intake for therapeutic purposes is permitted. However, within these clubs it is possible to consume the daily dose required by law. Sometimes it is also allowed to take cannabis outside the club.

The Sevilla cannabis social clubs are very active and have many members, especially during the summer holidays thanks to tourists. Another thing to know, in fact, is that to be part of a social club you must be introduced by a member. It is therefore not enough to show up and enter but you must have a presentation: it is therefore very important to contact the club in advance via email and, once there, register regularly showing valid identity documents.

How many social clubs are there in Sevilla?

Seville is the capital of Andalusia, a region in southern Spain. It is a very populous city and visited by tourists, so it is no wonder that so many Sevilla cannabis social clubs have flourished there. At the moment the main ones are:

  • Holy Haze. This is one of the best private cannabis social clubs in Seville. Santa Haze has everything a weed connoisseur could want: inviting atmosphere, perfect location, a great selection of weed products, an accommodating staff. The club offers members an excellent social environment and top-notch customer service. This, together with its top-notch cannabis products, makes Santa Haze one of the highest-rated weed maps Seville cannabis clubs.
  • Green City Sevilla. Located in the heart of the city, Green City is a great cannabis club to meet other users and make friends. They also have a great selection of weed products, including raw hash and flower. Their menu boasts more than 20 strains of sativas, indicas, and hybrids.
  • Bad Dog. One of the few cannabis social clubs Sevilla that stand out as leaders among different cannabis associations in Seville. Rated five stars, Bad Dog has learned to uniquely blend a fresh, inviting atmosphere, excellent customer service, and a selection of high-quality weed products to satisfy its members.

If you are a tourist and plan a visit to Seville, keep these addresses in mind and contact them in advance before going to the city.

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