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Cannabis social club Malaga

Malaga is the second city of Andalusia, full of tourist beauties and therefore places of interest. Malaga, in particular, is also a good place for tourism linked to cannabis consumption, but given that cannabis is not legal in Spain, some completely legitimate and legal precautions must be followed.

These are social clubs and, obviously, cannabis social clubs in Malaga abound in this great city. You can obtain cannabis as a tourist or resident in Malaga, but only through cannabis social clubs, or CSCs. These clubs are strictly private but can also be open to visiting tourists as long as they are invited by a club member.

How a cannabis social club works

Just like in the rest of the world, Spain has strict restrictions prohibiting the use of cannabis and other drugs. However, in 2015, the Spanish government implemented a legal reform to decriminalize the personal use, cultivation and possession of marijuana.

Social clubs have thus developed and spread, of which the Malaga cannabis social clubs are a part, based on an interpretative nuance of Spanish law. According to this, in fact, marijuana can be grown for personal use and the possession of a quantity of marijuana that constitutes personal use is not considered a crime. There are now hundreds of social clubs throughout Spain.

The social clubs of Malaga

As mentioned, there are many Malaga cannabis social clubs open in the city. These include:

  • The Club Social Malaga, located at Avenida de Velázquez 8. Contact by email for registration information. All new members must be approved by an existing club member.
  • The Pitbull Verde, located in Calle Rio Salazar, 6 Local 112, 113 in Torremolinos and open from Monday to Saturday. Friendly staff and high quality grass in a safe environment.
  • The Kushing Coffee Shop Malaga, located on Calle Cordoba 8. Call ahead before showing up. Friendly and accessible staff, one of the largest cannabis coffee shops in Spain.
  • The Mood Club 420, located on Calle Maestro Albeniz 10 R in Benalmadena. Do not show up without prior contact. Ages 21 and up. High quality cannabis at good prices and with a relaxed atmosphere. It has a swimming pool and billiards, with barbecue served on Sundays. It has an incredible view of the ocean.
  • Habana Club, located in Calle los Almendros, 1 in Benalmadena. Here new members must be approved by a current club member. For more information or to request registration, contact by phone or email. Good selection of cannabis strains and clubbing atmosphere. The club has three television screens and serves fruit juice as refreshments.

As in all other social clubs, in Malaga cannabis social clubs there are signs everywhere informing you that you cannot take cannabis with you into the street when you go out, as it is illegal to possess it in public. Generally it is advisable to purchase only the amount of cannabis that can be consumed within the club, so as not to risk unnecessarily complicating a nice holiday.

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