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Cannabis Social Club Barcelona: smoking carefree

Cannabis Social Club Barcelona, the past decade has seen Spain overtaking the rest of Europe, including the Netherlands, by cannabis consumption-related tourism. Cannabis consumption is legal in Spain although it is regulated by associative norms that limit its use to specific places such as clubs. This is why in Barcelona you can decide to smoke freely by purchasing a membership card for the Cannabis Social Clubs that belong to the ConFac.

Joining these clubs is a guarantee that you will buy higher quality marijuana and that you will be protected from the risk of engaging in illegal activities under Spanish law. Smoking cannabis in Barcelona is common practice in some public places such as big parks or beaches. However, the risk of having issues with the local authorities is high, therefore smoking in those premises is strongly discouraged.

On the other hand, the Spanish Constitution tends to protect citizens’ private lives, which means that the personal use at home or in clubs is not a criminal offence.

ConFac: a safety guarantee

The Confederation of Federations of Cannabis Associations (Confederación de Federaciones de Asociaciones Cannábicas) is the body that groups the clubs together. The aim is to make sure that the Spanish law regulating legal consumption is correctly applied. The ConFac is a reality born in 2003 with the task of informing and monitor, and apart from representing and defending frequent consumers, it also supports all the existing associations and clubs.

Joining a Cannabis Social Club Barcelona guarantees and promotes the support of the dialogue with the authorities to make sure that everything operates following the laws in force. The activities that adhere to Confac have subscribed to an agreement that requires the acceptance of a sort of ethical manifesto aimed at supporting:

  • Gender equality among consumers;
  • Sustainability in production with control through the whole supply chain;
  • Respect for the environment and collaboration with local enterprises;
  • Job creation in a sector that is constantly growing;
  • Dialogue with the institutions and low enforcement.

Tourists’ access to Cannabis Social Club Barcelona

Locals can subscribe to the many activities on the territory by simply paying a yearly fee between 20€ and 60€. However, not all clubs accept tourists without previous subscription.

The usual requirements are:

  • Adult age of the subscriber (minors are excluded, as their consumption is illegal and sanctioned with local administrative fines)
  • The declaration of the average monthly consumption in grams. It is important to mention that possession exceeding 40gr is sanctioned at administrative level and owning over 50gr incurs in criminal sanctions.
  • Indicating cannabis consumption as recreational or therapeutic only
  • The payment of a membership fee

Being introduced by another member definitely makes the release of the membership card easier.

There are groups dedicated on all major social networks that can help Italian tourists get in touch with Italians living in Spain.

The importance of the label at the Cannabis Social Club Barcelona

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”, says an old proverb that perfectly describes the clear difference in the way marijuana can be obtained compared to Italy.

People do not buy marijuana in Barcelona as there is no structured commerce as such. Instead, there is a specific type of association that protects collective farming. Here, pot is a public good among the members of the club, and no payment is required to obtain it but only a donation to the club itself. Every club should have its own personal crop but sometimes it is not possible due to logistics issues or to the overall members’ consumption exceeding the product quantity.

Knowing the club that you decide to join is crucial to succeed in getting the best marijuana available in the market. The label, just as Spanish law, does not allow any form of advertising to the clubs so it is easy to spot a fraud on La Rambla trying to sell pot illegally. Moreover, every club sets a maximum limit of consumption per member (an average of 50gr a month) so in case you needed a larger quantity, you would have to subscribe to another club, or else risking to be reported to the authorities.

Not all clubs are the same!

It is extremely important to get the right information before choosing the Cannabis Social Club Barcelona to join to smoke freely and to make sure that the experience is as close as possible to one’s expectations. There is no detailed guide available but some authors enjoyed writing a fairly decent list of the different clubs available. The reviews online can easily direct the users towards the best place for them.

Among the most famous Cannabis Social Club Barcelona we mention:


This club offers excellent value for money as well as a location inspired by the famous prison. It offers also a gaming room and periodical live music events.


This club is for those people who are looking for the best quality and hospitality. Club Verde offers an elegant and private venue as well as a selection of self-produced florets with high CBD content.


This is the meeting point of a selection of award-winning cannabis species, of the worldliness of Barcelona and the weekly workshops that give the possibility to members to learn the best practices of cannabis cultivation.


A club inspired by the shamanic tradition both in the decor and the choice of music.


Musicians are usually spending time at this club and it is easy to find one during their breaks on their local tours. It is characterised by an eclectic, colourful environment rich in music and graffiti.

Social Cannabis Club Barcelona Weedjam: the TripAdvisor of cannabis clubs

Weedjam is a sort of TripAdvisor of Cannabis Social Club Barcelona. Our social is useful because it offers invitations to tourists who would like to join clubs but do not know any other members. Weedjam is a portal that gives the possibility to discover some of the most famous clubs. It provides you with opening and closing times as well as clients’ reviews, with a ranking system from 1 to 5 stars. Once you choose the club, it is easy to subscribe online by filling up the form with some personal data and contact information. The portal will then send you a confirmation email to print and to take to the club with your ID to complete the process by paying on-site. No prepayments nor credit cards needed.

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