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Cannabis clubs reopen in Barcelona

Barcelona’s cannabis clubs reopen after the Covid emergency. Finally, the easing of measures due to the fight against the epidemic allows access to social clubs. Regular cannabis users can resume their habits and they can do so safely.

During phase zero of the Spanish lockdown, cannabis clubs were closed and it was impossible to obtain supplies of marijuana. Everyone who used cannabis for medicinal purposes suddenly found themselves in great difficulty. Since Spanish law does not allow the transportation of cannabis, it was not even possible to keep social clubs open for purchasing. Since March 14, the sudden closure has made it impossible to obtain supplies of cannabis except by resorting to the black market. A choice which, in addition to being completely illegal, also raised questions about the quality of the products purchased.

The security and control of purchasing within a cannabis club are in no way comparable with the black market. The fact that cannabis clubs are reopening has finally restored a situation of legality for those who cannot do without cannabis. Those who use it for therapeutic purposes or just for recreational purposes can return to supplies in complete safety.

Cannabis club, sudden closure and difficulties.

When the Spanish government decreed a lockdown on March 14, the country paralyzed. Cannabis consumers did not have time to accumulate supplies and the flow of tourists suddenly stopped. Cannabis clubs, like other businesses, have faced, and are still facing, a time of great difficulty. Now that cannabis clubs are reopening they have to face the biggest challenge: giving members security and making them feel at home again. The social distancing rules to contain the virus are very stringent rules that clubs must apply to give customers safety.

Returning to the pre-Covid situation is still out of the question, but with all the necessary precautions it is possible to reopen in complete safety.

A reopening with caution and in complete safety

The cannabis associations, in agreement with the government, have established a series of rules to be adopted in order to guarantee a safe resumption of activities. Now that cannabis clubs are reopening, the rules will be very important and it is desirable that all members follow the instructions provided.

  • Access by appointment
  • Use of the mask inside the premises
  • Frequent hand washing or use of hydroalcoholic solutions
  • Respect for arrival time and time allowed for stay

The operators, for their part, are required to guarantee the necessary hygiene standards within the premises:

  • Sanitization of the premises
  • Frequent ventilation
  • Cleaning of the counter and consumption areas between one customer and another
  • Presence of disinfectant gels available to members

It is clear that these are intuitive and immediate hygiene solutions, as well as easy to implement. Each club is doing everything in its power to reopen, guaranteeing safety and preventing a new spread of the virus.

In this way, cannabis consumers can return to supplies without fear of controlled and quality products.

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