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Cannabis Club Madrid, all you need to know

In this post we would like to highlight the essential points that you need to know about Cannabis Social Clubs in Madrid, the laws, rules and their application. In the Spanish capital things are not like in any other cities such as Amsterdam, as there are small differences that are important to keep in mind. Keep reading and you will understand how and what to do to enjoy your stay in the city and relax in one of the many Cannabis Club Madrid.

Let’s see below all the points to remember:

  • The fundamental rules around cannabis in Madrid are the same as in Barcelona with a substantial difference in terms of numbers. In this case Barcelona shows double numbers compared to Madrid. The system is the same and is based on the same principles included also in the Spanish constitution. However, the Catalan region and its own administration have facilitated the development of cannabis in Barcelona and this is the reason why Madrid is lagging behind.
  • The referral is the same both in Madrid and Barcelona and is needed to become a new member of a club. Only existent members can do this given that this is a “closed” system and in order to join a club you need to follow this procedure, nothing complicated. It is important to mention that selling marijuana in the street is illegal, and consumption is only allowed in private but not in public. This is the reason why the Cannabis Club Madrid can offer this service, as it is a private environment, for members only.
  • No requirement of residence in order to join the clubs. Some clubs require a real address to join, that is, of a real residence rather than a hotel or hostel. Only few will require this proof, in many cases even the Airbnb address will work. Of course the club has to respect your privacy and will not share your address to anyone.
  • How is the cannabis market in Madrid? After a disappointing start compared to Barcelona, the capital is not catching up. The growth is increasing in high percentages year by year and they say that soon it will also take over Barcelona. The merit of this success is apparently due to the club managers that are doing a great job both in terms of service and promotion.
  • The type of subscription. The Cannabis Social Clubs in Madrid offer many types of subscriptions that can be yearly, half year and three months based. These options ease the access to who comes only for a short period and can then buy a shorter subscription. The rule of the referral applies anyway, therefore once the subscription expires, many clubs cancel the member, but many others don’t. In this case you will have to start everything from scratch.
  • Possession of cannabis outside the club. In Spain you can carry a small quantity of marijuana in private places, at home or in the club. For this reason we recommend to hide cannabis in the underwear if you really need to carry it. In this case if the police stops you, they won’t be able to check the underwear without a warrant. We suggest not to possess any cannabis at all.
  • The police checks. Police checks The Cannabis Club Madrid only for two main reasons. The first is if they suspect that in the club there is illegal drug dealing, the second is if the club is putting public health in danger. This is an issue that affects the club managers but not the members, so you can relax unless you’re directly involved.
  • No therapeutic cannabis. There is no doctor in Spain who can prescribe cannabis for therapeutic use as it is not required by the regulation. It does not matter whether you consume cannabis for your health of for fun, as long as you do it in private that is either at home or in the Cannabis Clubs.
  • Smoking in public is forbidden. Although Cannabis Clubs are legal in Madrid, you should not be fooled: the clubs are private and legal but smoking in the streets isn’t. It is important not to forget this point: if you get caught smoking in public the police can fine you and take you to unpleasant situations. Better avoid.

To conclude

Enjoy the pleasure to consume cannabis in the clubs and do it while respecting the basic rules and while always behaving correctly. By following these principles you won’t have any problems and you will be able to enjoy all the cannabis you want as a member of the many clubs in the city!

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