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After Covid-19 for cannabis clubs

Covid-19 has proven to be a moment of great difficulty and awareness at the same time for cannabis clubs. The state of emergency, which the Spanish government decreed on March 14, 2020, forced the closure of all non-essential businesses.

Those who had not taken steps to stock up with foresight found themselves overnight without supplies and without the possibility of purchasing them. With cannabis clubs closed, only the black market, or home cultivation for the lucky few, have faced the difficulties of many.

Cannabis clubs have suffered the same treatment as recreational venues, such as pubs and restaurants. Preventing the virus, a fundamental objective, has however brought serious difficulties to those who habitually use marijuana. Covid-19 has been a real turning point for cannabis clubs and their users. A moment in which to constructively rethink the role of cannabis and clubs within society.

A reflection on what should be considered essential

The closure due to Covid-19 for cannabis clubs was an initiative that highlighted the difficulties still linked to the marijuana trade in Spain. The choice to consider cannabis as non-essential, compared to tobacco and alcohol whose purchase was permitted, is emblematic.

By considering Cannabis as non-essential, the State has deliberately ignored the voices of those who use it for therapeutic purposes. A weak section of society was not listened to and many people were left without their pain relief therapy.

In Spain there are ambiguous regulations regarding the consumption of Marijuana which cannot be sanctioned unless done in private. There is therefore no real legalization but only an evasion of the law. The emergency decisions taken by the government to contain Covid-19 have well reflected the ambiguities of the law.

The Spanish government, in its ambiguous policy towards cannabis, has failed to consider painkillers as an essential good. However, it has included substances such as tobacco and alcohol among marketable goods. A choice that makes us reflect on the role that cannabis occupies within Spanish society.

Reopening and greater awareness

The reopening after Covid-19 for cannabis clubs is really the time to rethink how they should position themselves within Spanish society. Greater awareness on the part of institutions and full acceptance of the use and consumption of cannabis is desirable.

In this phase, sector operators will have to take action to obtain more open policies and greater acceptance of the role of cannabis on both a medical and recreational level.

Whether for therapeutic or recreational use, cannabis must rise to the role of an essential good. Supply should be guaranteed for those who normally use it, just as much as, and more than, tobacco.

Only from this perspective, the post-Covid-19 reopening could bring a major relaunch to the cannabis sector seriously affected by this ongoing health emergency.

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