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A Novice Smoker’s Guide to the Proper Use of Cannabis

It has happened to everyone or almost everyone to have a cannabis “overdose”, but as you can see in quotes, because cannabis overdose does not exist. Therefore a cannabis smoker can use it in a more free and carefree way unlike other substances.

the “novello” smoker

What a new smoker may experience may not always be pleasant. In fact, if you overdo it, you may have a strong sense of nausea, dizziness and in some cases vomiting, due to the high concentration of THC contained in the various products. This series of unpleasant sensations is called “blancazo” in Spanish. In Italian we have various terms, the most used are: “a blunder” If you have made a blunder, don’t worry, don’t get excited, stay calm. You must always remember that you are in a club where qualified personnel will help you overcome “the crisis”. They can give you useful advice if you are new, for example, not to consume hard alcohol while smoking, and above all not to use other types of psychotropic substances.

Don’t overdo the quantities and always ask the staff the THC percentages of the qualities provided in the dispensary. In the first few days it is advisable to smoke herbs with “little” THC, thus allowing the body to get used to it and not immediately take on the infamous and much feared blunder.

Notions for more conscious consumption

It may be helpful for beginners to have a little knowledge of the effects that cannabis compounds can cause, so as to be more aware of what happens when they take cannabis. There are many cannabinoids produced by marijuana, but the best known, those found in greatest quantities are CBD and THC, with a molecular composition that is very similar but distant in terms.

THC: is responsible for the psychoactive effect of marijuana and produces the sensation of euphoria, well-being and increased appetite in the smoker. This is the most studied active ingredient of the plant and according to some analyzes it also increases sensory perceptions such as sight and hearing. In some cases it increases sexual arousal in both men and women and in the medical field it can be used as a painkiller and analgesic. However, an excessive amount of THC can cause anxiety, agitation, irritability and paranoia, effects that are alleviated by the other main cannabinoid in cannabis, CBD.

CBD: as already mentioned, is capable of modulating the effects of THC and unlike this it does not produce psychoactive effects. It essentially acts on the body by generating muscle relaxation and also soothing pain. Its relaxing effects also make it a powerful anxiolytic and antidepressant as well as an excellent painkiller. It is in fact used in the medical field for its extraordinary properties and the complete absence of psychoactive effects which make it free of excessive contraindications.

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