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420 lifestyle in Barcelona

Cannabis enthusiasts love taking some time off from work to travel, smoke up, and chill a bit in a city like Barcelona. The city has a perfect setting for an enjoyable experience. Cannabis is legal in Barcelona, but you can’t smoke in public places. However, they are cannabis social clubs spread across the city where members can easily acquire high-quality strains. But if you are not member then you will have to gain referral from another member to join.

Local events are always in the city of Barcelona around the 4/20 period. This article throws light on the extravagant 420 lifestyle that this beautiful city has to offer.

Many people believe that Amsterdam has the best 420 lifestyle in Europe. However, Barcelona’s 420 lifestyle has rapidly evolved over the past couple of years. The beautiful city houses one of the greatest museums in the world that is exclusively dedicated to the history of cannabis, hashish, and hemp, further proving that the city has relaxed its rules relating to marijuana.

The Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum contains thousands of artifacts which signifies how the cannabis plant was cultivated and consumed for centuries. Hash Marijuana & Hemp Museum also includes ancient rituals, present-day cannabis culture and a variety of historical, political, and industrial aspects of cannabis.

For example, the museum also has the Columbus Monument on La Rambla, which is considered as the city’s most sarcastic infrastructures that are filled with cannabis leaves. The monument is dedicated to hemp cultivation, which was used to manufacture clothing centuries ago. Hemp was used to making sail ropes which were used by Columbus to move to America. The museum is a perfect place to enjoy a wonderful 420 experience in Barcelona.

Another important aspect of the 420 lifestyle in Spain is the Spannabis expo (Feria del Cáñamo fair) which is organized every year. The Spannabis expo is much more than just a “fair.” It works in partnership with the International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), which makes it one of the best cannabis expo in the world.

The 2019 expo always attracts thousands of people around the world. There is also the presence of investors from more than 50 countries. Furthermore, and there will be a massive development in the cannabis industry that will be discussed during the expo. If you want to enjoy 420 lifestyle in Spain, then you should preferably come to Barcelona, a city which is witnessing the evolving cannabis industry. Additionally, there will be a lot of music and vendors from all over the world.

The numerous cannabis clubs in Barcelona always puts the city in a 420 mood. However before visitors can enjoy 420 lifestyle in one of the cannabis clubs, they will need to gain an invitation. The easiest way for a tourist to enjoy 420 lifestyle in Spain without spending a considerable amount of money is by signing up for a cannabis club tour.

Barcelona’s 420 lifestyle is astounding, and it’s worth the experience. From cannabis club tours to museums and expos, Barcelona is undoubtedly the perfect place for a beautiful 420 experience.

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