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Strain Hunters

10:00h – 16:00h

Carrer Santa Monica


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Strain Hunters

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One of the best cannabis clubs in Barcellona is StrainHunters and it really deserves to be visited.

It’s located in Carrer de Santa Monica 12, close to the underground station of Drassanas, very close to the beach area. In a pleasant area to walk to, between the coast, the gothic quarter and the fashion streets of El Born, StrainHunters really needs to be visited! It’s so pleasant to go out after smoking and walking along the dock where you can eat something or simply take a look at the yachts.

Entering this club is not that easy: it holds a very strict policy on new members. In order to become member you need to be over 21, be introduced by someone and pay a joining fee of 20 euros. But it’s worth it! It’s a comfortable and very welcoming club where you can spend amusing nights in company.

In this cannabis club you will be able to taste a large variety of cannabis and use the bar is you enjoy biting something while you smoke. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxed and it will guarantee very special nights.

A little bit of history

The managing team became famous on YouTube thanks to a series of documentaries dedicated to cannabis. The name, StrainHunters, refers to variety hunters. And like real hunters, they went around the world looking for new cannabis varieties to import and spread. Arjan Roskam, one of the members of the team, became a real celebrity in the field. It founded Greenhouse Seeds, one of the most important cannabis seeds banks, and it also opened the Greenhouse coffee shop in Amsterdam. StrainHunters, that is the Spanish brother of Greenhouse coffee shop, was born thanks to the experience of this team that pioneered cannabis with an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a real empire and one of its founders, Arjan Roskam, proclaimed itself as the king of cannabis!

The creation of the seeds bank led to the birth of new cannabis varieties that became very well-known and appreciated such as the Super Lemon Haze born from a mix of   Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze.

This competency is at the base of the fortune of the club that in a short amount of time became one of the most famous all over Spain.

Everything about this place, from the location to the furniture, to the menu talk about high competency and trustworthiness. It’s a solid and well-known brand that does not disappoint in its Spanish declination.

Entering a Spanish social club is a completely different experience from joining a coffee shop in Amsterdam. For the peculiarity of Spanish law, in fact, social clubs enjoy special characteristics that make them different from any other type of venue.

In Spain, indeed, law forbids the use, transportation and sale of cannabis in public places or places exposed to the public. However, there is no law that limits its use at home. Spanish law, moreover, strongly protects the freedom of association. These two characteristics made it possible that, in a legislative void, free associations of citizens dedicated to the production and consumption of cannabis could flourish.  In few words, entering a Spanish social club means entering a private place. Every social club is responsible to cultivate its own members’ marijuana plants for their private consumption. We are talking about places that were born on the edge of law and that try at all costs not to incur legal problems. This is the reason why clubs such as  StrainHunters, although very famous, tend to maintain a low profile. The same absence of a website proves this point.

Space and design for an exclusive club

StrainHunters is probably one of the most known clubs of Barcelona, both for its favorable location and for the quality of its cannabis. But not only that: among its strengths there is also the ambient. The venue, opposite to many other cannabis clubs in Barcelona, is very detailed in the décor. Nothing is left to chance! From the walls to the benches to the counter, every aspect it taken care of in great detail.

The distinctive feature of the furniture are the copper pipes used for the lighting, matched with wood.  A dense network of copper pipes develops on the ceiling and contains the light bulbs to lighten the place. The brick walls contribute to give an industrial aspect to the venue that looks welcoming and spacious. The tables are surrounded by colourful poufs and you can find stools at the counter with wrought iron bases with marijuana leaf shapes.  The appearance and the attention to detail make this club a very pleasant place to visit. It’s a perfect place to smoke, drink a coffee, and maybe going out at the end for a walk in the centre.

Menu. From Greenhouse Seeds only the best

Just like you would expect from the team of StrainHunters, in this club the cannabis varieties are many and all of excellent quality. You can find, among others, the qualities created by the team itself, such as:

  • Super Silver Haze,
  • Lemon Haze
  • Iceloator hash,
  • Super Lemon Haze,
  • Francos Lemon Cheese.

There is a lot of variety and some of them are hard to find somewhere else. The good name of the team definitely does not disappoint in their club.

To conclude, the StrainHunters has may positive points: high quality products, the security linked to the brand, a spacious welcoming venue with nice furniture. The central and easily accessible position, moreover, is definitely an advantage. We should also mention the bar that serves many beverages and meals at good prices that you can enjoy with marijuana.

The negative side of the club is the difficulty in obtaining access. Becoming members can become quite complex. Just like for any other club in Barcelona, in order to obtain the pass, if you are not local, you need to make some effort: you really need to know someone to obtain an invitation. They do not have a website and the contacts are not easy to find.

It’s however worth trying to gain access: it’s a club of excellent quality!