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La Kalada

10:00h – 01:00h

Carrer De Cabanes, 39


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La Kalada

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La Kalada

Located in Carrer de Cabanes, 39, in Barcelona, La Kalada is a social club founded in 2012 by the Italian reggae singer Jahki Revi. It’s a very famous club and it’s among the most favourite one in Barcelona. Located in a central zone of the city, La Kalada is easily reachable from the underground station Parallel through the lines L2 and L3. Also the lines R1, R2S, R3, R4 and S2 of the overground are a good option to reach it.

With a staff predominantly made of musicians and different artists, this social club has a strong musical imprint. It is one of the most interesting social clubs in Barcelona.

It is a private club, which means that in order to access it, you need to apply in advance and hope that you will be accepted.

All the Spanish social clubs function this way. Although in the past few years Spain has seen a strong increase of tourism linked to cannabis, its legislation regulating it is quite vague. The law in fact, prohibits the sale, consumption, and transportation of cannabis, but the Constitution protects the privacy of its citizens and freedom of association. In practice, a private citizen is authorized to cultivate and use cannabis in its own premises. It’s also allowed to join private association where you can delegate the cultivation of your own plants.

Spanish social clubs are free associations of citizens who cultivate cannabis jointly. To survive and prosper they need to pay attention to two things: protecting the privacy and interests of their own members and maintaining a behaviour conformant to the law. The fundamental condition not to incur in sanctions from the police is to maintain a private profile, exclusive of their members. This is the reason why it’s hard to access them.

La Kalada is not any different: to gain access you need to be over 18 and you need to wait for your application to be accepted. It seems hard but once in, you’ll enjoy an excellent service and an interesting atmosphere.

Social club. When the social aspect prevails over the commercial one

La Kalada is a club mainly dedicated to both medical and leisure cannabis. It’s a welcoming place where the members cane enjoy the direct benefits of marijuana and its derivatives. But that’s not it, the social aspect is also very important! La Kalada is also a place where you can meet people, listen to good music, play a boardgame or watch tv. A bar to drink or eat during your stay is also open to members and videogames are available to those who visit. A peculiar fact about this club is that among its members there are many artists. Local artists or artists passing by during a tour, even famous people in the musical arena. The atmosphere is calm and welcoming, and it’s possible to find members that with a joint in their hand are relaxing with a nice book.

The name of the club derives from the Spanish expression “dame una kalada” that in English means “give me a hit”. It’s a name that on its own symbolises the availability of the club and its members so that no one stays without its own “kalada” of marijuana.

Cultivation and awards. A cutting-edge club

The staff of this club is a team that always works to improve the quality of the products that they offer to their members. Their constant work has taken them to win multiple awards in international competitions that you can see in their window in the club.  Among the trophies won, you can see the first prize in the competition “Legend of Hashish” 2016. We should also mention the following:

  • Catalunya Grow,
  • Élite Cup, Secret Cup,
  • Oil Hunters Cup, IC Mag,
  • Dabadoo,
  • ACMF,
  • Ganjatime,
  • Cannabis Cup Barcelona,

Each of these trophies has been won thanks to the dedicated teamwork of the La Kalada. But they are not only interested about the European scene: a group takes care of the international competition and participate in the Emerald Cup in California where they increase their variety of seeds.

The number of prizes won shows the effort of the team and the quality of their products.

Menu. The best of cannabis in the market

From an expert and careful team like the one in La Kalada you can only expect a menu rich of qualitatively excellent products. The reviews of its members are all in line with the multiple prizes they received and all seem to appreciate the choice of marijuana variety. Among the available varieties you can find:

  • Zombie Kush and Sunset Sherbert Dolato
  • Clementine Kush
  • Diesel
  • Blackdog
  • Mimosa
  • Strawberry Banana dry sift
  • Pineapple Haze
  • Space Jam
  • Neville’s Haze
  • Cherry Glazed,
  • Sunset Sherbert,
  • Confidential Lime

But also other products such as Hash, pollen, wax and resin as well as a selection of pre-rolled joints. It’s a menu ready to be enjoyed for a relaxing and fun night.

The Club. Underground atmosphere and reggae music

The appearance of La Kalada mirrors the spirit of its founder and the taste of its members. It’s a vast rectangular venue softly lighted, with the walls decorated with coloured graffiti. Among its graffiti you can notice the Caterpillar smoking created by the street artist Saturn. The YouTube channel of the club has a nice video of the realisation of this art piece. All the walls are richly decorated, and the underground style sees a prevalence of strong and bright colours that stand out on the background of the venue. High burgundy pillars interrupt the space separating it in sectors with tables and sofas for its members. However, this is not a club where you must be seated only. The atmosphere and the music invite you to stand up and move. It’s not uncommon to see people go around tables, greet each other and dancing! Musical events and dj sets happen in this club that sees in music its second backbone. Music and cannabis characterize it and make it special as well as different from other clubs in Barcelona. It’s a club that, if you love reggae, you can’t not visit!