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HQ Barcelona

10:00h – 24:00h

Enric Granados, 65


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HQ Barcelona

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HQ Barcelona

Is a famous cannabis club in Carrer d’Enric Granados, 65, 08008, Barcelona. It’s not too far from the underground station of Provenca where the L3L5L6 and L7 of the underground lines intersect with the regional lines of Metro del Vallès. It’s an easily accessible zone and central enough to be visited even by those who don’t have much time.

Among all the cannabis clubs in the area, HQ Barcellona is definitely considered one of the best and for this reason usually experience a high number of visitors. However, just like every other social club, has restricted access!

You need to know that social clubs in Spain are realities that were born thanks to an expedient found inside the law. We can define them to be non-illegal: in practice, within the law that sanctions cannabis consumption, there is a normative void that allowed for their creation. In Spain in fact, the Constitution strongly protects citizens’ privacy and their freedom of association. These two points have allowed free citizens to come together and create private clubs to delegate their own cannabis plants. This was already possible in private at home. These clubs prosper privately avoiding as much as possible anything that could put them in a bad light under law enforcement. A legal and extremely careful behaviour characterises them.

In this perspective it’s not hard to understand why it’s not easy to enter one of these clubs. HQ Barcelona is not different from others under this aspect: a set of strict rules need to be applied to gain access. There are three essential prerequisites:

  • Be over 21 years old
  • Residing in Barcelona
  • Knowing an existing member who could introduce you

Their website does not advertise the club nor offers the possibility to become members. It’s an online store that sells merchandising. Clothes and design objects created by its members. A way to understand their spirit is visiting their website, browsing their objects, and listening to their music. HQ Barcelona does not sell cannabis but suggests a lifestyle. If you are lucky enough to manage to obtain an invitation, it’s really worth going there. Despite of the difficulties in gaining access, this club is a must for any cannabis consumer visiting Barcelona.

The quintessential cannabis social club

HQ Barcelona, throughout the years earned the fame of being one of the most exclusive and sophisticated clubs in the city. Its perfect embodiment of  the ethics linked to the world of cannabis makes it the perfect destination for all the passionate. It’s a community of kindred spirits rather than a coffee shop. Many events happen within its premises, from DJ sets to live music. They organize sportive competitions, tournaments and art exhibitions. Every two months its members reunite in a meeting to discuss about the future events and have access to the accounting books if they want to get information about them. It functions as a real association that takes good care of its members’ privacy, it welcomes their needs and adopts a transparent policy.

It large tables promote the social aspect of the cannabis. It’s pleasant to sit and meet people with the same interests with who you can discuss and become friends.

This club is also famous for its strong interest towards contemporary music. As you can see on their website under the “The smoking room” section, music is a fundamental part of the spirit of the club. Many cannabis clubs have a good music program, but HQ Barcelona is particularly connected with the local underground scene. Many members love music, appreciate and know the artists that are played or invited.

Every year, during the Spannabis there are many events throughout the city, known as off-Spannabis. This club often hosts these events: musical nights or competitions for the best selection so that its members can be involved in the selection. The diffusion of cannabis culture seems to be of primary interest for the group that manages it.

But that’s not all! This social club promotes an alternative lifestyle under all aspects: it promotes regular yoga classes to those who would like to relax completely.

Light and space. For the pleasure of the eyes

The first thing that catches your attention after entering HQ Barcelona is the brightness of the environment. Most of the social clubs are small, dark, sometimes in basements. Here instead, you can see a large and bright place with optimal light and high ceilings, a sort of a modern open space. The club is in the basement but the height of the ceiling and the plants placed around give the impression to be outdoor in spite of the lack of natural light.

The most inviting thing about the club is however the space available and the sensation of openness that defines its style. It’s essential like a modern dining hall and it’s perfect for those who love an industrial chic style.

The Menu

HQ Barcelona is famous to be offering excellent cannabis: all the products are analysed to guarantee the best quality. Its members can be sure of everything they consume. You can buy, among other things, the following varieties:

  • Amnesia,
  • Mendocino Purple Kush,
  • Kosher Kush,
  • Strawberry Banana,
  • Zookie,
  • Black Domina,
  • Super Skunk,
  • Northern Lights,
  • Gkue Trap,
  • Sour OG,
  • Gorilla Glue,
  • Candy Kush,
  • Northern Lights,
  • Sour Diesel

It is also famous for its products such as resin or iceolator and you can also find hash, pollen and many pre-rolled options.

Even non-smokers can appreciate the offers of this club. Cocktails, beers, sandwiches, exhibitions, music nights, pool, videogames, movies and much more, all in all-round venue.

This is a place that welcomes its members and entertains them through multiple activities, all very interesting. The quality of the products being served is excellent and the service is always pleasant and courteous.