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G13 Cannabis Club

10:00h – 16:00h

Carrer de Nàpols


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G13 Cannabis Club

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G13 Barcelona

Few minutes’ walk away from the Teutan and Monumental underground stops, G13 Barcelona is one of the most famous cannabis clubs in Barcelona. Its full address is: Carrer de Nàpols, 187, 08013 Barcelona.

Its central location, about ten minutes’ walk from Sagrada Familia, makes it an easy place to find and visit.

But be aware that it’s not a place open to everyone! G13 Barcelona has, just like any other Spanish club, the status of private club. In order to access it you need to request a pass, hold an interview and pay a subscription fee.

Why so many complications?

Spanish law does not properly regulate the cannabis consumption therefore, people have detected and exploited a normative void. On one hand, law forbids the consumption and sale of light drugs. On the other hand, it protects the privacy of the citizens when they are in their own property. This way, you cannot be fined if you cultivate and consume cannabis within your property. A fundamental point in the Spanish Constitution protects the freedom of association of its citizens. This has allowed some citizens to gather around private clubs delegating to the clubs the cultivation and growth of their own marijuana plants.  This is how private clubs dedicated to sharing culture around cannabis spread all over Spain. These are private clubs because otherwise the law would not allow the cannabis consumption.

G13 Barcelona, just like any other cannabis club in Spain, is private and applies a strict entry selection to new members. The priority of these clubs is to protect the privacy of its members and not to incur in behaviours that could be sanctioned by the authorities. Compared to other clubs, however, G13 Barcelona seems to have a slightly more relaxed policy.

How to access. An obstacle course with a potential happy ending

To enter and join a social club you need to generally respect three conditions.

  • Be 18 years old
  • Get an invite from a member
  • Reside in the zone

For a tourist this might seem an insuperable problem! However, some clubs allows a slightly more relaxed policy and G13 Barcelona is one of them. On their website there is a section specifically dedicated to requesting a pass. To request it you need to be over 18 and you need to hold a valid ID. You need to complete the form available on the website and wait to be contacted for an interview. After the presentation and the interview there is also the risk of being rejected. The admittance is not automatic but if you get accepted you will have to pay a subscription fee of 20 euros to get the pass granting you access to the club.

We can say that the access to this club seems less hard compared to others in Barcelona. Already the fact that they allow people to request the pass through their website makes the whole process easier than expected. Once you enter, you will be able to enjoy a unique atmosphere! G13 Barcelona is a peculiar club that is really worth discovering!

Between tradition and design. A club with an oriental feeling

As soon as you enter in the club you quickly understand why it is so peculiar. Its décor is very surprising and welcoming. There is a wise mix of orient with a familiar living-room, a comfortable place to be. Colourful fabrics and soft pillows decorate with taste. The super comfortable seats are perfect if you are looking for a relaxing afternoon in a comfortable and quiet place. There are also attractions for those who want to have fun! Music, TV screens and games, just like pool, are available for the members. The audio system is good and allows to organize events and very interesting music nights.

This club is good for everyone: whether you use marijuana therapeutically or for pleasure, you will be able to find everything you are looking for at G13 Barcelona. Its inclusive spirit is very interesting and its members perceive it to the point of feeling at home.

Menu. Variety and convenience not to be ever bored

We are talking about a cannabis social club, let’s not forget! The varieties of cannabis available therefore are fundamental to evaluate its validity as a club. G13 Barcelona has an excellent variety of species, both indica and sativa. One of the club’s prerogatives is making sure that the varieties available are always new and change regularly. They put in place a rotation of the available species so that members don’t get bored and always find new flavours. From classic species to particular productions created in the US, the place always offers the best in the market.

Among the varieties you can try you can find:

  • Amnesia Haze,
  • White Widow,
  • Big Bud
  • OG Kush,
  • San Fernando Valley

But in every visit members find new and different varieties to try.

It’s not only fresh cannabis to attract members. Many other options of consumption are available such as BHO and Shatterwax that have a strong psychoactive content, and vaporizers. Moreover, the club offers rolling papers, filters, bongs, vaporizers to its members so as to make the experience easy and without concerns. In this club you can find all the necessary material to enjoy relaxing and peaceful moments.

Talking about prices, the cannabis available has an excellent price-quality ratio. The available varieties are of high quality and prices are accessible.

The coffee shop in the club offers tea, infusions, coffee, desserts, beverages and much more. This club is perfect for those who love pairing smoking with a snack or a drink.

We should spare a word for the staff as well: it’s young, kind and more importantly, multicultural. G13’s staff is perfect to make its members feel at ease.

To conclude, if you are visiting Barcelona and you love cannabis and a relaxing atmosphere, you can’t not pay a visit this splendid club!