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Cannabis is an essential service in the US and Europe

Cannabis is an essential service in the US and Europe

Cannabis is an essential service in the US and Europe

Cannabis is more and more considered as an essential service in different parts of the world. The spread of its usage for therapeutic and leisure usage, as well as its legalisation in many countries, has led to a very important change. Today considering cannabis as an essential service is the natural consequence of the progressive global openness of its usage. More and more countries have changed their laws by including cannabis among the legal products and its usage has definitely experienced an increase. More and more people buy and use it habitually and the numbers linked to its legal market are higher and higher.

This is key to understanding the dynamics of the events recurring lately everywhere. Cannabis as an essential service for more and more people has become the subject of hoarding. Just like necessities, in many part of the world lately, there have been queues to purchase marijuana.

US, dispensing cannabis as a guaranteed service

cannbisIn the US there are many states that consider cannabis as an essential service, and in the middle of the coronavirus emergency, have enacted laws to protect its sale. From San Francisco to New York and Nevada, the cannabis “dispensaries” are included in the essential services and will remain open. Given that cannabis has therapeutic use, the seller will have the chance to keep on selling it, as long as it follows some hygienic rules. They need to guarantee the minimum distance between clients and use protective tools and hand sanitizer as a rule. All the sellers could remain open as long as they follow these procedures. It’s a step forward in recognising the importance of marijuana in people’s lives.

Buying race

Apart from the decision of many US states to consider cannabis as an essential service, these days we have witnessed a completely new phenomenon. A phenomenon that tells us how much cannabis has took over the habits of consumers. In all the states where cannabis is legal there have been long queues outside the stores dedicated. Yes, Americans have assaulted supermarkets, gun shops and now cannabis shops!

It’s definitely an unexpected event. Not only necessary goods or personal defence goods, but also cannabis has become a good to stock up in the case of an epidemy. Long queues have been seen in many states and many people queued to purchase enough weed for their quarantine. Without respecting the security distance and without protection, hundreds of people have waited to get their portion of cannabis home.

The rules change …

It’s a real revolution! It started as a good secretly and illegally bought and now cannabis is an essential service that makes people queue for long hours. No matter whether for therapeutic or leisure use, this fact shows that now cannabis is part of those goods regularly purchased. Hundreds of people now use it regularly and don’t want or can’t risk going without.

There have been queues everywhere in the US, both in those states that have declared cannabis as an essential service, but also in those states where the sellers had to close. This shows that the race for procurement does not only depend on the possibility of buying it legally during the lockdown. This means that in many people’s minds cannabis is now part of the necessity goods so people now queue for toilet paper, food and cannabis. This is something definitely healthier and innocuous than queuing for arms!

The Netherlands and its assaulted coffee shops

The US were not the only country experiencing long queues for cannabis! We already know that cannabis has been seen as an essential service in the Netherlands for a long time. The fact that in the Netherlands cannabis is of common use is a cliché but also a real fact. Many coffee shops in different cities sell marijuana legally and when the government has requested the close down there have been problems. Following the announcement of the closure of the coffee shops due to the Coronavirus emergency, many people went on the streets and rushed to the closest coffee shop to queue and get their supply before the closure.

There have been long queues that did not respect the security distance and there have been tense moments as well. The Dutch media has reported the fact that in order to skip the queue, a guy pretended to cough to scare the other people queuing. Only the police managed to establish the order by arresting the guy.

Following these unexpected and dangerous events the government decided to take a step back due to the contagion. Coffee shops have been included in the shops open for trade because of necessity. Right now is then possible to go to a coffee shop to buy marijuana but not to consume it in its premises. Indeed, in order to stay open, all the stores need to guarantee the basic rules of safety to avoid the contagion. Security distance and protective tools such as masks and gloves, as well as the ban on consumption indoor are rules that need to be respected.

A global phenomenon

Cannabis is an essential service not only in the US and the Netherlands! In other cities such as Barcelona, there have been queues to buy cannabis before the lockdown. This is the proof that cannabis and its multiple benefits is not part of the daily lives of so many people. More and more people use it frequently both for therapeutic use but also to relax.  

Home delivery for weed, therapeutic cannabis

Home delivery for weed, therapeutic cannabis

Home delivery for weed, therapeutic cannabis

In such uncertain times. Getting home delivery for weed could make a difference! I am thinking about those who consume cannabis for therapeutic use and all of a sudden found themselves without a way to restock it. With the quarantine, many people who were using marijuana to ease their health issues. Found themselves in the situation of not being able to find it.  So, apart from the uncertainty of the future and the fear of the virus, they saw their health conditions worsening.

Home delivery weed could then help all those habitual consumers who are forced to stay at home right now.

Therapeutic cannabis. Usage

In the past years therapeutic cannabis has spread widely also thanks to the possibility of having it prescribed for a number of pathologies that would greatly benefit from receiving cannabis through home delivery.

According to the ministerial order of 9th Noember 2015, therapeutic cannabis can be prescribed for a range of pathologies. Although, according to the order, it cannot be considered as a therapy, weed is being used as a symptomatic treatment and aid for many illnesses. Otherwise it can be authorized as a treatment in all those cases where official treatments do not obtain the desired outcomes or have too heavy side effects.

The treatments

The cases of cannabis being prescribed legally and that,in these days would benefit from cannabis home delivery are the following:

  • Pain treatment for some pathologies such as multiple sclerosis and injuries of the spinal cord in case of resistance to traditional therapies.
  • Treatment of chronic pain that cannot be treated with traditional analgesics, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis or neuropathies.
  • Treatment of the effects of chemotherapy or against HIV as cannabis is used for its proved antiemetic effect.
  • Treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia or loss of appetite of oncological patients thanks to its property of stimulating the appetite.
  • Treatment of glaucoma when this resists traditional therapies, for its hypotensive properties.
  • Treatment of Tourette and Gilles syndromes thanks to its capacity of reducing the involuntary movements of the body.

All those suffering of such issues who have found relief by using cannabis, now find themselves struggling because they are unable of sourcing it. The recurrence of chronic pain or other issues will be unavoidable. If there is no action plan to provide home delivery of cannabis for those who need it, their quarantine will become a cage. The pain that arises again without solution will make the forced isolation a real hell for so many people.

Prescription of therapeutic cannabis

cannabisThe means for consuming therapeutic cannabis are either through decoction or vaporization. Only the GPs or specialists can prescribe the cannabis-based treatment to those who show the above-mentioned pathologies. If, on top of that, you consider that normally doctors dislike prescribing therapeutic cannabis, you will understand how difficult it can be sourcing cannabis. Those who find themselves in situations of great despair, already in normal situations find it hard to obtain a prescription. During this emergency the situation got even worse. Sourcing cannabis is not easy and we hope that weed home delivery will become a rule for those who need it. We hope for a system of delivery that would take into account the conditions of the patient and that would help him not being exposed to the contagion.

Covid emergency and sourcing cannabis

In this period of social distancing, patients being treated with cannabis belong to the category of fragile individuals who need to be defended. Oncological patients, people with HIV, neuropathy, fibromyalgia are all people who need to be protected from the virus. They are patients who, more than anyone else have to apply the social distancing and avoid to go out as much as possible. We have seen that specifically those patients with previous pathologies are the ones that are more vulnerable to the Covid-19.

Most of the deaths of the pandemic come from fragile patients such as the elderly or people previously sick. Requiring people suffering from different pathologies to go out to get their medicines means putting them at a higher risk of losing their lives. This is the main reason why people are now requesting to have their weed delivered at home.

Home delivery. Need of including cannabis among the essential goods

A system of home delivery that could help all the fragile people is very important. In these days people are working towards this direction trying to avoid going out. However, if the food deliveries are slowly being implemented with difficulties, we cannot say the same about home delivery for weed.

People who need it to treat pathologies that could not be helped otherwise, are finding themselves in an unpleasant situation of having to go out to source it. The sick people or their relatives, have to expose themselves to the possible contagion in order to get an important medication.

All this creates difficult and uncertain situations in those who should be protected in this period of big emergency.

For this reason we hope that a system of home delivery for weed will be implemented for those who really need it.

We are not talking about leisure weed, that although is great for relaxation, is not included in the necessities. This is a very important medication for all those who, after trying “official” solutions, got to know cannabinol as last resort. Finding oneself in the middle of a pandemic, blocked at home, without a way of easing their pain, is a very unpleasant situation that needs a solution.

Let’s help those in need by thinking of a program that includes home delivery for weed for those who, having a right, request it.

Coronavirus: how our habits change

Coronavirus: how our habits change

Coronavirus: how our habits change

The Coronavirus is a watershed between what we were and what we will be once the emergency comes to an end. The unavoidable stop that it is imposing on us makes us reconsider everything in a new way. All our habits need to be reconsidered taking into account this huge health emergency that has reached all the world.

Protect yourself to protect others

The most important thing to take into account when talking about Coronavirus, is its rapidity of diffusion. The exponential growth of cases that we have witnessed in the past weeks has paralyzed our society and radically changed our habits.

The keyword now is #Istayhome, and the priority is now preventing Coronavirus from continuing spreading. Every new outbreak brings us closer to a healthcare systm collapse and we should not allow this! The priority is to protect ourselves to protect those who, hit by Coronavirus, might not survive.

The elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions need to be protected from the outbreak, and the only way to do so right now is social distancing.

Then, let’s all stay at home! Let’s live in our own walls avoiding external contacts as much as possible.

If you really need to go out make sure you are protected to as not to bring Coronavirus at home and infect our loved ones.

Shaking hands, hugging and being too close are banned. You need to keep yourself one metre away from everyone, wearing gloves and mask and once you reach home you should leave your shows outside.

You need to wash your hands carefully more frequently but more importantly you need to think that we will manage to get out of this situation.

We are all far but we are all together in fighting the Coronavirus and in keeping it away until a valid solution will be found. You need to protect yourself for your benefit and to protect the community: every person that escapes the outbreak will save other lives!

Usual habits during coronavirus times

It’s important to try and maintain our habits as much as possible. Try to do your workouts, get some daylight, work and study as usual… Indoor. Coronavirus does not make discountr.

It’s not easy. Limiting freedom of movement added to the worry of this illness can lead to anxiety that can make the quarantine a real nightmare!

In Italy they are trying to face the issues in a creative way, just like it’s always been! We can’t see each other? Let’s talk from our balconies. You can’t go to the clubs or bars? Let’s dance on our rooftops while sharing music during times that won’t be repeated. All over the country people are starting initiatives to share music, songs and dances from afar to feel the same sense of belonging. The amazing part is going on the balcony and see your neighbors putting their hands up to wave at you, which is something you would have never thought of.

The virus, although it’s requiring us to keep the physical distance, it’s getting us closer. We are united to fight and save our habits and our lifestyle from an epochal chaos. The empty streets are being filled with stares and smiles of the people from afar who can’t wait to be back in the streets to meet.

Anxiety and stress, how to deal with them

Italy under Coronavirus is a compassionate and resilient Italy. The power in each of us is being challenged and most of us are trying to do their best. Rules and privations for the common benefit are the mantra that everyone is following to support each other in this period.

However, it’s not easy. One might experience anxiety and stress episodes linked to this particular situation we are facing and the privations we are experiencing. The anxiety of fighting against an invisible enemy for which we seem not have defences, can lead to states of strong distress.

It’s very important to try to calm down and to live this emergency peacefully. But how?

Friends are of utmost importance! Keeping in touch with those you love, even if far, is fundamental! So be it all the possible tools: phone, Skype, WhatApp, Telegram, Messenger. Every tool that helps keeping our contacts with the external world will help us live better.

It’s important to set a daily routine, filled with work, movement and leisure, opting for activities that are relaxing us.

A good book, series, music, are all activities that can be done in house and that will help us feeling better.

Cannabis as an aid for anxiety

If you are way too anxious, you will need to keep it down and surely cannabis can help. Cannabis is legally used to treat anxiety and stress because it helps relaxation. Smoking can help ease the emotional burden due to quarantine and helps dealing with it better!

Using cannabis as an adjuvant in the treatment of anxiety is proven and widely recognised. The cannabinol helps relaxing without causing addiction and that’s the reason why it’s preferred to any other anxiolytic in the market. You should also not forget about the leisure side of it! The long home days during Coronavirus sometimes seem neverending! After watching all the series on Netflix time seems expanding leading to boredom. How to deal with it?

Boredom is never good, and in the void caused by the pandemic, negative thoughts increase and you get into a vicious loop that lead to anxiety. Cannabis can help in this case!

Once you run out of tips, including videocalls, online games, rooftop dances, homemade pizza, you need to find something to relax. Something that could help us sleep and that could relax us for the next day full of energy.

Cannabis, as I said, in this case can also help. Its active substance, apart from acting in an effective way against anxiety, is powerful relaxing tool. Taking cannabis can help calming down and falling asleep.

Finding the way to relax is an important thing in such a period of uncertainty and fear because, if we are relaxed and peaceful, we feel good. And if we feel good, we are able to make a collective effort to fight and win this battle.

Coronavirus and therapeutic cannabis, possible benefits?

Coronavirus and therapeutic cannabis, possible benefits?

Coronavirus and therapeutic cannabis, possible benefits?

Coronavirus and Cannabis is a special combination that might make many smile, but not everyone. It’s been few days since Lello Ciampolillo, ex senator of M5S (Five Star Movement), wrote to the minister Speranza in with respect to Coronavirus and cannabis. The senator has invited the minister of health to keep in mind the possibility to use cannabis as a possible therapy against coronavirus.

A theory without scientific proof

The senator Ciampolillo’s theory about Coronavirus and cannabis is the following: vaporising Cannabis flowers has already shows great results in the treatment of disorders related to the respiratory system in terminal patients. Moreover, cannabis flower, with its 800 and more active ingredients, reinforces the immune system. From here his proposal to use it as a treatment of the new virus.

Cannabis based products, such as Bedrocan, should, according to the senator, be treated during this health emergency.

According to the senator, Coronavirus and cannabis could work well together and cannabis could be used in elderly patients. By doing this one could exploit its power of freeing the respiratory system to take the patients towards the complete healing.

This could be a supporting therapy to help breathing as those affected by coronavirus pneumonia are already being treated with other medicines.

However, although the multiple benefits of the cannabinol, the binomial Coronavirus and cannabis is still not proven to be effective. The therapeutic use of this active ingredient does not have any scientific validity. Also, at the moment the tests to validate this proposal are not a priority.

Therefore, we prefer to suspend our judgement on what has been said by the minister and we will wait until the doctors will find an effective cure.

Cannabinol and its therapeutic effects

Associating Coronavirus and cannabis does not seem so hazardous! Using cannabis for therapeutic reasons is a millennial practice. Used by different countries in the world, cannabis has proven effective in the treatment of many disorders, as proven scientifically. It’s currently being used as a as an adjuvant in the treatment of many disorders.

  • Sleep disorder. The relaxing properties of cannabis are being used for pathologies linked to sleeping disorders.
  • Chronic pain. Cannabis is very useful to ease the chronic pain of fibromyalgia, migraine, and osteoarthritis.
  • Gastrointestinal issues. It’s being used as an appetite stimulator for pathologies such as anorexia and cachexia.
  • Mood disorders. Cannabis has proven useful in the treatment of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder.
  • Neurological disorders. Tourette syndrome, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson and Alzheimer react well to the cannabinoil based treatment.
  • It’s also being used for the treatment of HIV, in cases of muscular dystrophy and in the cases of tumours being treated with chemotherapy.

Based on what we just said, it’s clear that a supporter of cannabinoil use might ask to verify the treatment for Coronavirus with cannabis.

Active ingredients and psychotropic substances

The active ingredients included in cannabis are many and they vary based on the different type of cannabis taken into consideration. Each of them has different characteristics that determine their function.

The THC for example is the psychoactive part. It acts on the brand and it’s useful in the treatment of many different disorders, such as Alzheimer, Tourette syndrome, glaucoma and multiple sclerosis. It is also being used as a support therapy for those who are undergoing chemotherapy.

The CDB is another cannabinoid. It’s an anticonvulsant that is being used for therapies against tumours and to treat psychosis.

The CBG is the basic substance that converts in the other cannabinoids. Its assumption leads to muscular relaxation and has visible anti-inflammatory properties.

Using these substances, individually or together, is very useful in many cases where traditional medicine cannot work.

We could then say that the senator Ciampolillo has dared to associate Coronavirus and cannabis on the basis of new studies about the usage of its active ingredients in many fields.

However, we cannot support in any way that it would be actually useful. Doctors and expert researchers will have the last say about it, and it’s not good to trust do-it-yourself therapies that have not been approved after accurate research.

An effective remedy against anxiety and stress

If there are no proofs that using cannabis can heal coronavirus, there are other reasons we could use it for.

One of the problems associated with this new epidemic and to its quarantine is the increased number of depression and anxiety cases. The stress caused by the uncertainty of the future or being forced to stay home are on sight for all. Learning how to manage this type of anxiety is fundamental to face and win this period of forced inactivity. Remember that keeping the mood up and relieving stress can help keeping your immune system strong.

In this case, Coronavirus and cannabis can coexist! Cannabis, used as a tested and effective method to fight anxiety and depression, can be considered a valid aid. However, not for the sick ones, as there is no tested therapy yet, but for those who are in a state of distress and fear.

You can fight the quarantine stress by reducing the anxiety states in many ways. You can call a friend, dance on the balcony together with your neighbors and why not, with cannabis!

Cannabis, as already mentioned, thanks to its active ingredients, is a highly effective remedy to face and win stress and anxiety without becoming addicted to it.

Most of the medicines against anxiety, can crease addiction, which is something that does not happen with cannabis. Indeed, we are talking about active ingredients that is prescribed in low doses that remain constant over time. Opposite to other medicines that require a gradual increase in the assumption, to continue their effects, cannabis relaxes without creating addiction.

The association Coronavirus and cannabis can then be done as a support treatment for those who being quarantined at home, suffer from strong anxiety and stress.

9 facts you need to know about cannabis clubs in Madrid

9 facts you need to know about cannabis clubs in Madrid

9 facts you need to know about cannabis clubs in Madrid

Are you looking for Cannabis in Madrid? If you are a usual cannabis consumer and you are leaving for the Spanish capital, there is some information you need to gather. You need to know that cannabis clubs in Madrid have nothing to do with the ones in Amsterdam. They have some rules that you really need to know before getting there and asking for admission. In order to make your holidays special and to avoid unpleasant situations, here is a list of essential points to keep in mind. Read it and consider every single point carefully and everything will be fine!

1) Madrid is a market still in expansion!

You need to know that, as opposed to other Spanish locations, the cannabis clubs in Madrid appeared a little bit later. It’s a phenomenon still growing, and new places are opening so as to make the choice wider and more interesting.

Although there is no law for the existence of this clubs, the principles of individual freedom and of association protected by the Spanish constitution allow their existence. These are basically a sort of association whose members delegate the cultivation of their own plants and where you can buy and consume cannabis freely. Madrid, as I said, experienced a slight delay in the spread of this phenomenon, however at the moment counts for 80 cannabis clubs. It also seems like it destined to reach the level of Barcelona where the phenomenon has started years ago.

2) Will Madrid become the new Barcelona?

If you are used to Barcelona and the relative ease in finding a club, Madrid could sees lagging behind. As I mentioned, the cannabis market in Madrid spread later. Madrid, moreover, has not enjoyed the permissive laws of Catalonia just like Barcelona. Anyway, the growing trend makes us think that it will soon become the capital of cannabis.

You can find an updated list of the social clubs in Madrid where you can buy marijuana on the website I suggest you to have a look at it!

3) Joining a cannabis club

If you want to access a cannabis club in Madrid, you need to keep in mind that it’s not that easy! The first requirement to gain access is to be introduced by an existing member of the club! Although the reason sounds anti-economical, this is due to the legal situation of cannabis in Spain. This means that there is no law that allows the consumption and the cultivation of cannabis but there is still a legislative gap. The cannabis clubs take advantage of this legislative void and of the fact that being protected by the articles in the Constitution, they have a right to exist simply because they are PRIVATE. They aren’t public places because the consumption of cannabis in public is not allowed! Every cannabis club in Madrid is dedicated only to its own members and it features a strict selection.

4) Do you need to be a local?

According to the rules, to join a cannabis club in Madrid, you need to provide a valid Spanish address. This meant that many people having their residence somewhere else had their access refused. Actually and fortunately it’s not always this hard! For many clubs you just need to show a temporary address just like a hotel or a B&B where you are staying and only the most exclusive clubs will ask for your real permanent address!

5) Joining a club

Cannabis clubs in Madrid generally offer different joining options. Opposite to other places like Barcelona, you can find other options beside the yearly subscription! In Madrid you will be able to choose among one, three, six, twelve-months subscriptions. This is a convenient solution that helps limiting the number of members in a club. You will be able to create the pass for your period of stay. This way the club won’t have too many inactive cards and you will spend less to join.

6) Legal rules for the purchase and transportation

If you join a cannabis club in Madrid, you need to remember that the transportation and consumption of cannabis is illegal. You will have to consume everything in the place where you purchase it! According to the law, cultivating and consuming cannabis are allowed only privately! If you really need to transport it, keep in mind that the Spanish law forbids searchings without the mandate. This means that if you carry a small quantity of cannabis for personal use, you will have to keep it in your underwear. No one will search it there!

7) Police checks

Always remember that Spanish constitution only protects those who smoke in private places: at home or in a club you will be able to do so. I strongly discourage you from smoking in public! The checks are frequent and being caught smoking in the streets would end up in a fine. The checks might be unpleasant so pay attention and try not to be tempted!

You should not carry your cannabis with you as the police checks are more frequent in Spain than in Italy and it might not be that nice being caught!

Instead, you shouldn’t worry if you are joining a club. The police intervenes only when the club is not following the regulations or they are involved in illegal activities. It’s true that given their power, most of the clubs make sure they do not do anything illegal. The clubs protect their autonomy and the clients’ privacy putting some practices in places to be in line with the law. Once you are in, you will be protected and you won’t face any issues with the police.

8) Therapeutic marijuana

If you are a habitual consumer of therapeutic cannabis, I must tell you that it’s impossible having it prescribed in Spain. The law does not allow doctors to prescribe cannabinoids! However this is not an issue: you’ll just have to request the access to one of the many cannabis social clubs in Madrid and you will be able to buy what you need. You will have to pay attention to the transportation: if you need cannabis to consume at home, you will have to be discreet and I suggest you to buy just a limited quantity.

9) The clubs as a solution to criminality

The cannabis clubs in Madrid are a legal and effective solution to fight against criminality and drug dealing. They allow their consumers to buy cannabis in protected and controlled environments without incurring in unpleasant situations. Do not buy cannabis in the streets but always trust a social club!